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The Twilight Within Forsaken Eyes

March 7, 2010
By Denmark DIAMOND, Sacramento, California
Denmark DIAMOND, Sacramento, California
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"Our Deepest Fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure"

when we laugh, it is the
horror of a solar eclipse
those who hear it, are struck
with fear and wonder
our sobs are incestous,
impregnating our limping joy
with the essence of what
we hide so deep inside

our laugh tolls softly still
as winter's tears tread
upon innocent tongues
silence steals this moment
its iron claws extract the
spirit of our meager rise
dragging away our sanity
into the Twilight Kingdom
where under the autumn sky

the stars wish upon us
but we are fading
for dawn is nigh upon us
a light illuminates the horizon
of this Twilight Kingdom
murky ocean waves moan
and crash against nearby rocks
as we against the world
we knew but know no more

upon the shore we see
the footprints of the hope
that clings to the branches
within our hearts, our family
they whisper to us, our ears
become deaf to their words
but somehow their echoes
still penetrate our walls
our desperate defense against
the insanity we resent
we push and they pull
we are two forces working
against one another
we are the heart of gravity
we beat in unison

The author's comments:
We smile with different frowns.

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