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March 21, 2010
By NemoMag GOLD, Hanna, Other
NemoMag GOLD, Hanna, Other
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The pain, the hurt
Such agony
Too strong, so stron
Pulling, pulling, always pulling
And here;
I lay, bound by the chains
The gold chain, love;
Pure, delicate, small
It digs into my chest
Burrowing so deep
I scream, and cry
As it cuts into my heart

A silver chain, morals,
I can tell, I can tell!
They cut at me -
At my soul!
Oh I can feel it
Bind itself against my neck
I choke,
Choke on the dead air in my lungs.
I claw at this chain –
My morals,
But it will not break.
I can’t tell if this is good
Fail to tell if this is
As it should
I gasp
To breathe, only breathe, must breathe

The bronze chain comes next,
It is truth.
I snakes beside me, pulling at my arm
Pulling it away, away from the strangling morals
It locks it, locks it to the ground
I struggle against the truth
Must struggle, to live as I drown
In this agony

The next chain, the memories
Rusted yet strong,
It pierces me through
The gut,
Through my stomach,
Through to the other side,
I see them flash -
The memories -
Flash, Flashing, Flashed
I see only black.

A dark chain -
Invisible to me
And yet,
I feel its blackness
It weaves,
Weaves through my free limbs
Tying them
This chain:
It is my Anger
It claws, and tears, and rips at the others,
The other chains,
Until they lie,
Lie, twisted, mangled, broken,
The lie collapsed on the Earth
I can breathe now
Now that my morals
Have been pulled away,
Now that the memories have vanished,
Now that the truth – haunts me no more,
The gold chain though,
The small chain,
The love chain,
It still pulls at heart,
Still causes the
Dreaded pain,
It refuses to snap
And yet I feel so lost,

I begin to notice,
Begin to see,
Begin... to understand,

I pick up the other
But they are so
The burden, the burden
I say, is to strong -
Too strong for me.
But I must prevail, I must!
So I pick them up
And they wind together,
They braid together,
They heal together,
Mended, true, strong
They cut my anger,
Cut it away,
Cut it in half,
So that the mangled mutation
Is menacing no more.
The weight is heavy
The Weight of the
The Morals,
The Memories,
The weight of the Love,
Worth the struggle,
The pain, the agony
These chains, they hold me in my place
Hold me in the world
Hold me, when no one else does.

The author's comments:
I actually dreamed writing this, then the concept of the chains kept with me. I have no idea if this is the same poem that wrote in the dream but it certainly is the same context.

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