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You're Not Coming

March 16, 2010
By nobodyknows GOLD, White Sulphur Springs, Montana
nobodyknows GOLD, White Sulphur Springs, Montana
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It's been a year now,
Fighting and sobbing and half-making up
Angrily deserting
Hurting, screaming and saying
I've had enough
Our fragile friendships
That snap in a second,
Tear with a touch,
Now the seams have been torn
And the stuffing
Of you and me
Pours out
And again,
Its falling,
Into darkness
Like us
But one thing's for sure;
Wherever I go, Whoever I meet,
However I get there,
You're not coming.

I might act like I like you tomorrow
You might treat me like a friend today
I might hate you 'till it burns by Friday
You might swear I'm a child who needs to learn on Sunday
But one thing's for sure;
You're not coming

Other people might come and lift me
Up in the air on their arms
Promising endlessly
To support me
While I simply smile and watch
I might summon them back,
Gather them on my breast and say,
Come, please
For I am nothing,
If not loved by you
But one thing's for sure;
You're not coming

The places I go might be fruitful
They may be barren,
Endless despair
I might not escape so fully,
Or leave so sudden
I might be gone tomorrow
I might be here next year
It's possible I won't be so flighty
It's probable I probably will
But one thing's for sure;
You're not coming

My name might be cried in the streets
Joy to the people, smeared in the sewers
Walls might come down too soon
My throne might be tumbling,
Tumbleweed by June
The leaves might make me a crown
The crown might prick me 'till i bleed
But one thing's for sure;
You're not coming

Oh, people will talk
They'll say horrendous things
About me, about you
About then
But I don't care what they say, 'cause I don't care for you
I don't care who
You proclaim to be,
What you say is yours,
Will never be
I don't care, who you are, or if you'll go very far
It's like this;
You might end up next to me
I'll push you right off and you'll
Into the waves, splashing the water
Sinking down,
To where you deserve to be,
These murky waters as dirty as you
And you can do what you want
Try your heart out
Spin your webs and play all your people
Do your tricks,
End up all alone in a nursing home
Still pretending you're so feeble
You won't be there, see
Once I'm gone
You won't be there
Won't be with me, sit with me
Watch as my life bursts into song
Or get to know whether it goes terribly wrong
You've lost that privilege
You've lost that fight
You fought too long
You killed too much
Lost sight of
What once was right
Remember when,
When I knew you?
You knew me
We were tight as hell
Sisters like there'll never be
Remember that?
Because I've long since forgotten
And you won't be there,
Standing next to me
You won't be invited,
Probably won't want to come
If you try to force your way in,
Somebody's 'bout to be hung
Because if nothing in my journey ever is,
This one thing's for sure;
You're not coming.

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