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Locked Up

March 14, 2010
By NattyWrites SILVER, Monmouth County, New Jersey
NattyWrites SILVER, Monmouth County, New Jersey
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Locked behind this door
Can’t take the truth anymore
Enclosed from all the change
This situation’s surpassed strange

Fasten me into stability
Keep me in tranquility
Be the barrier of the pain
Cover up this grim shame

Can’t stand to look at that
Givin her a pecks and a little love pat
No hard feelings, really
Lights are dimmed and you’re gettin feely

Leanin on the pub’s toilet, readin graffiti
Looks like Jess X’s Petey
And I’m thinkin Vick hates Nate
Not the first girl to realize her unlucky fate

Grab my purse and call it a night
Can’t make you mine
Can’t even fight
You know it’s not easy to move on
I’m on the line but your connections gone

So grab her waist and hold her tight
I’m pushing back my tears now
Promise I won’t be a bother
I’m all locked up
Babe, I’m outta your sight

The author's comments:
This guy's moved on much quicker than I have. x's and o's to anyone who can relate :/

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