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This is Where I'm From

March 13, 2010
By alisaysroar GOLD, N. Kingstown, Rhode Island
alisaysroar GOLD, N. Kingstown, Rhode Island
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Favorite Quote:
"Weighed down under the shallow sunrise, the radiance seeping through my aqua ceiling, and reminding me that I chased my own demise--we've all constructed our own ends with the illusions of beginnings."

I am from gumdrops and pixie stix.
Cotton candy and county fairs.
I am from popcorn and movies to, “Almost there!”’s.
I am from single parents with four kids, and siblings who never quit.
I am from, “Shut up!” and, “DAD!” and, “Leave me alone or you’ll get hit!”
I am from gone moms and half brothers to stepdads and all the others.
I am from bubblegum and foreign friends.
Ink-stained hands clutching pens.
I’m from, “How do you write so beautifully?” to, “It’s just how I feel.”
I am from, “Wow, sounds like a lot of pain.” and, “Yeah, it took some time to heal.”
I am from writing and music, Hemingway and rock.
This is who I am. Am I what you thought?
I am from a dad who loves me, a mom who isn’t really there.
I bet you couldn’t tell by the mask that I wear.
I am from never stops talking, and quiet and shy.
I bet you wouldn’t know unless I told you why.
I am from untold stories, unknown pasts.
I’m not too hung up on it because life goes by just too fast.
I’m from “This is me,” and “Did you think I was someone else?”
I am from, “Well, this is me, and that’s all I’ve ever felt.”

The author's comments:
We did this exercise in my English class a few weeks ago, writing a poem about where you are from. This is where I'm from.

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