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The Vulture

March 18, 2010
By SaveThEmpty SILVER, Rathbun, Iowa
SaveThEmpty SILVER, Rathbun, Iowa
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On a hushed,

Somber night.
Walking, waiting

Tortured and drained.
Dirt shifting,

Where I stand.

Thoughts drifting
In and out,

In and out
Like jarring breaths.

It was at this moment

When I felt eyes
Observing, watching,

I squint for
my eyes to see
Piercing, perilous eyes,
a scavenger, staring at me.

Shadowy, and detached,

A devil in disguise
Pondering, imitating

My every move.

I wait,
Tormented and drained
As this devil in disguise
Feeds on my fears.

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