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A Friend Like You

March 11, 2010
By KaitlynnNicole PLATINUM, Heyworth, Illinois
KaitlynnNicole PLATINUM, Heyworth, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
From me: "The Point of writing isn't so others can understand what's going on in your mind. It's so you can understand what's going on inside yourself."

By me: "Who needs you when I have these yellow lines on this road?"

A girl walks in, and sits down
Crying silently, crying inwardly
She gets nothing, except for a glance
A curiosity glance, a wondering glance
A glance that says, what’s wrong
She sinks down lower, into her chair
Surprised and embarrassed, that someone would care
With her face, she tells a lie
Nothing’s wrong, just trying to get by
But really, she’s worrying
Worrying constantly, worrying infinitely
Worrying whether, when at home
She’ll be yelled at by her parents
Or whether, for the rest of the day
She won’t find the right words to say
Or whether she’ll have to cut again
Despite the pleas of her best friend
But then she knows, that she’s okay
Tomorrow will be, a better day
The sun will come, it will peek through,
And it’s all because, I have friends like you!

The author's comments:
For the longest time, I have felt lost, as though I were walking around in circles on a path that was straight with signs that pointed you in the direction you were supposed to go. But my friends helped me through that.

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