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Who Makes it Out Alive

March 10, 2010
By Poetic-Justice GOLD, Girard, Ohio
Poetic-Justice GOLD, Girard, Ohio
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White pastey faced girl,
black feathered night owl,
identical twins not of the same species,
both alone in the dark of night,
the owl hunts to survive til light,
the girl hunts to find herself in the food chain of life,
by morning they both fail,
by after noon the owl has been consumed,
the girl, also consumed, but not by a snake in the grass,
but by poetry,
in which she uses to excape her daytime life,
and nighttime struggle
the enjoys herlife,
still prey by day,
she became the predator by night,
looking for insperation with 360 vision,
waiting and watching,
always waiting, and watching.

The author's comments:
This free verse poem/ short story, is about how the owl shows not enthusiasm in trying to survive, so he lets himself be consumed with everything everyone else is doin, and the girl over comes he differences, and is now dedicating her self to poetry. She does this so she can wait for her chance to have center stage and basicly become the predator, but not in a bad way, she just wants to become normal and her self at the same time, and achieve blissfulness.

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