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Your Touch

March 4, 2010
By ThunderLovestheRain SILVER, Brookhaven, Mississippi
ThunderLovestheRain SILVER, Brookhaven, Mississippi
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"Don't fret when it rains on your parade...just learn to dance in it."

"Be yourself...everyone else is already taken."

"Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes."

Your touch leaves a trail of fire and ice
Across my bare skin
It feels so amazingly good
It should be a sin
What's the punch line?
Is this really magic?
My stomachs turning
But I know I'm not sick
I guess it's the effect you have on me
Is it noticable?
Can you see?
I wonder if it's something you've felt
My eyes are closing
I'm about to melt
I am trying to keep my excitement inside
And not give myself away
But it's getting harder and harder to hide
I see the way your eyes love to tease
The way you pick at my heart
And take parts to seize
Your touch disinigrates my train of thought
My mind and my heart
Those are just two of the things you've already sought
Touch me once more
And bring me back down to Earth
Because that's just way to high to soar

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