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Here Comes the Sun

March 1, 2010
By TheProphet GOLD, Antelope, California
TheProphet GOLD, Antelope, California
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Not only is the future unwritten, but it also belongs to us.

Nostalgic times of hope and pain,
I loved you in the most innocent way,
Sitting high in the trees,
Watching the world below,
We never chased anything,
Just went with the flow,
If only we had known,
There was no truth to our impossible dreams,
This is no world for kings and queens,
My father left,
Your mother died,
We watched happy movies,
But they still made us cry,
You got caught shoplifting things you didn't need,
I gave up on my classes and dropped out of school,
Every game we played, they changed the rules,
You took me away on a Saturday,
Away to a greasy motel,
And even though we risked going to Hell,
We took something away from each other,
We lived there for a couple weeks,
Ate from trash cans and vending machines,
Gave each other glow-in-the-dark rings,
We left there in a hurry,
You told me,
Darling the winds are turning,
To the beach let's go,
To the beautiful coast,
In our clunker van,
Holding hands,
This is the life,
Forget them all,
We are one,
Driving to peace,
Singing 'Here Comes the Sun'.

The author's comments:
I've always wanted to put my favorite Beatles song in a poem and late last night I managed to do so without trying too hard.

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