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Try All You Want

February 23, 2010
By Lauren Brookes BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
Lauren Brookes BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Prejudice is an iron black rain cloud, hanging over your head

And when it rains it pours, where to hide?
Push that meaning inside

I can only push it so far…

The rain of your sin pounds against your face

You cannot run

You cannot fly

You cannot even speak to apologize.
You search your transgressions like a leather bound textbook

Desperately hunting…

How do I get out of this midnight pool?
Try to take it all back

Try to reconcile



Try all you want.
But The relationship is done…
Maybe it’s true,

You have made me see that now.
What we had is done,

What we could have had is gone.

Perhaps True happiness is always a fantasy…

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