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So Where did it Start...?

February 23, 2010
By doom-hope GOLD, Monte Vista, Colorado
doom-hope GOLD, Monte Vista, Colorado
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What happened to love
It used to be innocent
It used to be beautiful
Why is it torture now
It is confusion
It is pain

What happened to my soul
It used to be bright
It used to be joyous
Why is it limp now
It is black
It is hurting

What happened to my spirit
It used to be light
It used to be carefree
Why is it lying down now
It is sad
It is dying

What happened to people
They used to be caring
They used to be friendly
Why are they rude now
They are lost
They are judgmental

What happened to music
It used to be calming
It used to be classic
Why is it dirty now
It is corrupt
It is poisoning

What happened to knowledge
It used to be forbidden
It used to be secret
Why is it open now
It is free
It is necessary

What happened to life
It used to be meaningful
It used to be nice
Why is it hateful now
It is anger
It is revenge

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