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Concerns of My Mind [Also Known As: You]

February 22, 2010
By alisaysroar GOLD, N. Kingstown, Rhode Island
alisaysroar GOLD, N. Kingstown, Rhode Island
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Favorite Quote:
"Weighed down under the shallow sunrise, the radiance seeping through my aqua ceiling, and reminding me that I chased my own demise--we've all constructed our own ends with the illusions of beginnings."

And it is only now that I realize the reality of it all.

This is our ending; our beginning.
This is our last chance; our first impression.

Why can't life be simple?
Why are there so many beginnings and endings?

Why can't I learn that, even though you're not here, you influence every damn thing I do?

Why can't you just leave me alone?
Why can't you just stop speaking to me in my thoughts?

Why do I like this, though?
Why is life full of questions?

Damn! Another question.
I guess the only way we can really think is by asking questions, huh?

I guess it doesn't matter much.

This is life.
This is me.

And I will gaze at the stars, captivated by Orion's magic in the night as you whisper to me.

And I will listen to ever word you utter, every word you say.

And I will think to myself, "Without you, I'm nobody." And in my thoughts I will think of great words spoken by a great man:

"And now I know this much to be true-- I never would have been me without you." -Pete Wentz

The author's comments:
Everything is by me except the concluding quote, coming from Peter Wentz.

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