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My Big Brother Tyler

February 20, 2010
By Payton SILVER, Howells, Nebraska
Payton SILVER, Howells, Nebraska
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My brother's name is Tyler.
He is a really good lier.
His favorite sport is track.
He has a six pack.
He loves to pick on us.
He may even cuss.
He is always there when we need him most.
He would travel from coast to coast.
He is a great big bro.
One of his friends nick name is Porno.
Tyler is like our best friend.
He will be there for us till the end.
He is an awesome big bro.
With a small afro.
Sometimes he is mean to us,
but that's just to toughen us up.
when he goes to college we will miss him a bunch,
the way he likes to munch
On Paige's chocolate chip cookies.
That's why we love our big bro,
And we know he'll always be looking out for us.

The author's comments:
My brother inspired me

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