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Prove Me Wrong

February 11, 2010
By Sixteen PLATINUM, Jaipur, Other
Sixteen PLATINUM, Jaipur, Other
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Its not denial. I'm just very selective about the reality I accept. - Calvin

I don't need you.I don't want you.
I don't miss what we had when everything was new.

That's what I tell myself every night.
But guess what, it's a lie

We have not broken up yet.
But it will happen soon, I can bet

I don't believe in rumours.
But they didn't tell me these words.

We are in the same class
We are together for Seven hours.

So why don't we even say Hi?
But I'm afraid to ask you why.

Because I know what you will say
After all, I am just a toy which you're using to play

"This is not the truth"-you vow
But this is what I think & what everyone else knows

If you say its nothing like that.
So why don't you have time to chat?

All this time, were you lying?
Do you enjoy my crying?

But I won't mind
If I'm not right

So come and prove me wrong
Tell me that love isn't gone

Please,I beg you
I need you

I'll need you forever..
So please, let us be together

The author's comments:
So I am going through this..:(

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