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It's Raining

February 10, 2010
By CourtneyH GOLD, Floral Park, New York
CourtneyH GOLD, Floral Park, New York
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Imagination is better than Knowledge - Albert Einstein
One day you're in the next you're out
Live like you're at the bottom even if you're at the top

It's raining
I get out of the car and make my way to the door
It's still raining
I walk up the path and reach the stairs
I close my umbrella
It's still raining
I reach the doors under the awning
drip, drip, drip I hear
It's still raining
I take a deep breath and walk in
Trying my hardest to keep my eyes dry
As I make my way to the front of the room
I thank everyone for coming
Still trying to keep my eyes dry
I get to the front and kneel down
I say goodbye one last time
My eyes beginning to tear
My nightmare has become reality
It's raining

The author's comments:
Never take a life for granted. It can be taken away to quickly.

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