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Your Last Breaths

February 8, 2010
By ShyeGirlBeth GOLD, Easley, South Carolina
ShyeGirlBeth GOLD, Easley, South Carolina
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Rose petals lay across the bed
You grab my hands and we begin to dance in the candle light
The light of the flames dance across the walls to make beautiful pictures
I feel your hot breath against my neck as you whisper into my ear
“This is the last time for us to be together.” You say gently, carefully running your fingers through my tangled hair.
I look at you with love in my heart, trying to fight the tears building up in my eyes
You take your hand and wipe my cheek and gently kiss my forehead
“Do not cry my love. There is no need.” You say to me
“But I don’t want you to go, please, please stay with me.”
You look at me and smile as you wrap your arms around my waist
You kiss my lips gently
“My love, I am always here. I will stay with you always and forever.”
You say this and I begin to weep. You lay my head against your shoulder as you move slowly to the rhythm of my heart.
As we dance our beating hearts become one
Time begins to fly by, as if in a dream
I feel as if I’m dancing on air, scared to look down to see me high above the ground
Everything goes quiet.
And for a moment, time stands still.
“It’s almost time.” You whisper
“No! No please.” I beg, as I begin to weep some more
You pick me up and lay me on the bed
You lie beside me and wipe my tears
“Shh, don’t cry now. I’m right here.”
You kiss me passionately and pull me close to you
I lay there, listening to your heart
I close my eyes and try to listen carefully, as your heart begins to slow
I know it’s time
“I love you” I say, as I wet your shirt with my tears
And with the last beat of your heart you say “I love you too.”

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