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That girl

February 7, 2010
By Sportschic GOLD, Stillwater, Minnesota
Sportschic GOLD, Stillwater, Minnesota
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I guess she used to be someone else once. I guess we all were.

Comes off strong, but that doesn't mean she doesn't fall asleep crying every night. That girl, has secrets she barely admits to herself. That girl, wants the truth, even though she lies. That girl, is banged up in every possible way, but she always smiles, hiding her emotions. That girl, listens to music to escape her thoughts. Her friends. Her family. That girl, screams into her pillow for a better tomorrow. That girl, stands out, so people will know that she was here. That girl, funs from everything, to hide what she's feeling. That girl breathes to ease the pain she feels. That girl keeps messing up and saying "oops! sorry." That girl can scream, and no one will hear. That girl holds everything back. If somethings wrong, she'll lie and say nothing is. That girl, painted on a smile one day and learned how to pretend. It became her life. That girl, laughs to see if anyone will notice she's faking. That girl doesn't speak, so maybe someone will ask if somethings wrong. That girl isn't afraid of the dark, she's afraid of what's inside the dark that she can't see. That girl always feels lonely and empty. That girl, laughs when nothing's funny. That girl, argues about everything with everyone.

Do you know that girl? Because I don't think you do. You see her, but don't really look at her. So next time, take a better look. Something's going on there that no one ever sees.

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