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Colorful End

February 7, 2010
By WritingAllDay GOLD, Fountain, Colorado
WritingAllDay GOLD, Fountain, Colorado
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Something he didn't see, something he didn't know

In his drink that he drank more than he drank any other drink

The colors exploded in the dark room

On the walls, in the mirror, on the ceiling, on the floor

All of the colors

The floor shook with the feet of a hundred others

He ran in circles away from the color

He slipped and fell into the black pool he had seen

And fell farther than any other, than you or me

He just kept falling, falling and falling until he could no longer see

No longer see the colors, the shaking floor, the drink or the light

There he lay surrounded by the hundreds of feet shaking the floor

There he lay, colorful no more

The author's comments:
Just thought about the loss of life from abusing ecstasy and other party drugs and decided to dedicate this to the misinformed abusers of these drugs.

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