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February 6, 2010
By ruthlesslyruthie GOLD, Mechanicsville, Virginia
ruthlesslyruthie GOLD, Mechanicsville, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
to love--to fall--is not a question.
to touch--to kiss--to speak--those are the questions.

why won't you look me in the eye?
are you afraid
of what you'll find?
we think on parallels,
do you know
how weird that is?
we're two lines,
on the same geometric plane,
the same wavelength,
from one fixed point to another
stretching into infinity
into the heady blackness
never stopping
never touching
where's that bridge?
where are our connecting dots?
i could lose myself in you;
did you know that?
you know how it feels;
the pulse, the looks
the sweet depths
of your inner obsession.
that white heat,
the raw ache
when you close your eyes.
what don't you understand?
who are you writing for?
if you're willing to search,
i'm willing to be found.
stay as you are,
i liked you better before
the mass confusion
and sudden purge of thought.
let me in,
you know how it feels.

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