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The Colors Fade

January 31, 2010
By IAmMe66 BRONZE, Yamhill, Oregon
IAmMe66 BRONZE, Yamhill, Oregon
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What color is mine?
Is it red?

Full of joy
Is it black?

Full of pain
Is it white?

Full of innocence

Or is it like
When you make
A suicide mix?

Is it a mix

Of all three colors?

Or do they change
With phases
In your life?

Are you born
With a white
Completely innocent

Then change to red?
As you become happy

And content
Filled with joy
Of being surrounded
By love

Then later
Will it change to black?
Be filled with hate

With pain
And regrets?

But if that happens
Will it ever go back
To red?
Can you ever be

Truly happy

And content
Once again?

Or are you doomed
To bleed black

Everytime you cut?

The author's comments:
I was actually thinking about facebook quizzes, and remembered one asking what color your heart was. It got me thinking. What color IS my heart? I thought it would be interesting if your heart really did change colors, through phases and emotions in your life. Think of a mood ring, but one worn on the inside.

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