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January 28, 2010
By DontLetLifeGo BRONZE, Morrisville, Vermont
DontLetLifeGo BRONZE, Morrisville, Vermont
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I can't think
everything is
too much
too heavy
too important
Everything must
be right.
Always exactly right.
I hate that.
In life you need
to make mistakes
but if you
must be right
when and
how can the
mistakes happen?

It seems like
in this world
perfection is
no matter what.
Some people
make it look so
Like perfection
is not a
not hard at all.
But I still
make mistakes.

That's the
way it is.
Deal with it.
I make mistakes.
I make mistakes.
Thats who
I am.
A girl who
makes mistakes.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my English class and I really liked it.

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