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The Sun

January 25, 2010
By Carter SILVER, Lake Forest Park, Washington
Carter SILVER, Lake Forest Park, Washington
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Ah the Sun, that wondrous beauty
That rises and sets without fail
Look to the East and see it's coming
To the West it's dying trail
But like a Phoenix from the ashes
It simply rises up from it's den
To show it's wondrous beauty to us
All over again
But during the time in between
When the magic has all but gone
When the lights have disappeared
And we all wait for dawn
We seem to notice something
Something only the Sun can bring
That without the Sun's gift of light
Nothing is quite as interesting
That it isn't there for entertainment
Nor just to let us see
It's to keep us from withering away
And to keep our Earth in glee
Your trust can be placed in the Sun
For it always rises and sets
Trust it more than any other
And you need never fret
It is a gem, a diamond
So rare there is only one
What eventually wakes all people from sleep?
None other than the Sun
That wondrous beauty in the sky
In the dark depths of space
Gives life to all the world around
And puts a smile on many a face

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