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Pathetic air

January 20, 2010
By hi,randomperson. GOLD, Fall City, Washington
hi,randomperson. GOLD, Fall City, Washington
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Love is not forbidden but it is a risky to fall into,but if its real-than you should stay true. Love is a funny thing,it cant be bought like a diamond ring. Love is greif and pain, you feel lost and insane.Love is a wonderful treasure,keep it forever

I look at these shattered walls, and all hope seems to fall. I see something happy used to be, but all the forced feelings slowly escaped free. I notice how simple things were, before ou acquired that frowny, bad temper. Before you felt like you needed to prove something, as if you needed to show power which really got you nothing. So try a laugh or even a smile, try having fun once in a while. Stop with the negativity that clings like sticky ice, stop pretending and actually open your handsome blue eyes. Then maybe you will actually see, the only thing stopping you from being happy, is the pathetic air between you and me.

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