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These Old Buildings

January 4, 2010
By j-rye SILVER, Toronto, Other
j-rye SILVER, Toronto, Other
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As I'm sitting on this bench,
I have these old buildings on mind
I can see myself in them,
I see things that aren't too kind

Let's start with the foremost,
it's convenient that they're stone
I'm an old cranky bastard;
all I do is sit around and moan

You'll notice many elegantly built,
but now are falling apart
With her I was at my best physique,
now there's something wrong with my heart
You can take that in a literal sense,
or make it all emotional, do what you please
I really have no freedom anyways,
just last year, they took away my keys

It's true,
these old buildings are so pleasantly designed
It reminds me of her,
creatively she was inclined
It's delightful to see,
since they can't seem to get anything right these days
I told her all this,
when I visited her in the place where she lays

I wonder how some of these old buildings are still standing;
all I see is crack after crack
Ah, I've had it with this metaphorical crap,
I miss her and I want her back.

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