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Gold In the West

January 17, 2010
By FlyLikeAnEagle94 PLATINUM, Kingston, Pennsylvania
FlyLikeAnEagle94 PLATINUM, Kingston, Pennsylvania
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Gold in the West
Long ago to find some gold in rivers and streams
It was among the most popular of dreams
Priests, doctors and lawyers set out to find some gold
In the rivers and streams muddy and cold
People thought they’d find gold forever
As if it were as easy as pulling a lever

People left their homes in a flash
To go to California to strike it rich to earn some cash
Some panned while some used a rocker while others dug pits
But the merchants were the only ones making profits
They charged whatever they wanted with eggs at $10 a dozen
Still many came and the boomtowns were buzzin’
Perhaps the merchants were the only ones who stuck it rich

Still people flocked
While some panned and some rocked
Many people suffered debt
You would too I bet

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