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Brand new eyes

January 15, 2010
By i-am-nicole-ashley GOLD, Hutchinson, Minnesota
i-am-nicole-ashley GOLD, Hutchinson, Minnesota
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I see the light shining
From the big bright
Unfamiliar ball in the sky
Today it’s all different
Today I have a pair of
Brand new eyes

I see the sun again, and the
Birds in the blue sky
Children laughing
Most of all I see the love

I am blind
Blind to all of the evil, the
Murder and hate
Blind to it all with my
Brand new eyes

You're what's different
Most of all though
Before I saw you as a
Monster, with jagged razor sharp teeth,
Long finger nails,
Clouded over red eyes
Heartless and soulless

But now with
Brand new eyes
I see you
You as a saint
Your angelic face
Bambie eyes
Full of love, heart and soul
Maybe even my own
I guess I couldn’t get my
Brand new eyes
Until I lost you

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