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Pastel Lights

January 11, 2010
By Smickles PLATINUM, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Smickles PLATINUM, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
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Pastel Lights

Pastel lights,
Dance upon the silver slate
Of the wall.
Pale pink,
A rosy cheek
A hearty laugh.
Yearning yellow,
An ambitious smile
A longing light.
Basic blue,
A soft sigh
And simple eyes.

Eccentric Colors
Whirl in the palette
Of the painted sunrise sky.
Optimistic orange.
An outrageous twist
A gleaming shine.
Rustic red.
A passionate longing,
A vibrating anger.
Playful purple.
A sweetened voice
A spending crunch.

I am the simple pink
Of a slight blush
Upon a kissed face.
The laughing yellow,
Of the sunrise dandelions
By the sun.
The remaining blue,
Of the last bit,
Of afternoon.
The hyper orange
Of flames crackling,
Within the misty dark.
The deep red of cherry lipstick,
Smeared on the residing apple.
I am a vibrant purple,
A sweet juicy plum
Ready for the picking,

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