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Times Square

January 11, 2010
By Cris_tina SILVER, Bethesda, Maryland
Cris_tina SILVER, Bethesda, Maryland
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"Times Square"
I feel the surge of energy all around me
Gripping my purse I lunge forward when the white pedestrian appears on the other side of the street
I am so close, yet the people make me feel so far away
It is a challenge to even get my foot out in front of me as I am bombarded by people on either side

I glance to my left; a tall man is loitering with a camera in his hand, snapping away at the various buildings
I look to my right, where a woman with a cane is being pushed side to side by a large woman coming her way, practically forcing her stroller between wobbly knees and anxious feet
Finally I look up, hoping for a breath of fresh air; rare, but plausible

I take one in, exhaling the madness that has engulfed me
The busy sidewalk is visible now, almost within reach
I turn sideways, scotching past the stroller lady and over-zealous tourist
Suddenly, traffic stops and I am stuck in between two Italian men, reeking of cologne
As they exchange foreign words I am left to figure out my situation
What feels like two hours has elapsed and the flow has finally picked up again
Hungry and impatient, I boldly shove my bag through a couple in front of me, stepping out onto the empty patch of pavement
One down, thirteen to go

The author's comments:
I was recently in NYC and was in pretty much the same situation. It's a very thrilling yet frustrating situation, common in the big apple.

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