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The Big Picture

January 9, 2010
By more_weight PLATINUM, Danville, Virginia
more_weight PLATINUM, Danville, Virginia
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Tread softly, for you thread on my dreams.

eyes drooping
try to see
but the exhaustion
is like a weight
pulling them closed
open your eyes
what does this place
have for you?
I want this place
I want my eyes
so I can see
my own thoughts
these feet rest
on the spinning ground
hot then cold
eyes opened
I want to see
and know
love is love
no matter the gender
lives are precious
I want to see
my world
trapped in the processes
of this exhausted mind
wish on a star
feel the heat
of the sun
on my face
My world
filled with peace
I need to open
my eyes and see
the terrible truth
exhaustion makes
opening them complicated
I want to see the real
earth and sky and planets
My world is beautiful
but this world is real
hate is love
death is inescapable
still it is real
which makes me real
and their pain real
I want to see
and to save
this real place
keep eyes open
to make
loving anyone without discrimination
children with filled stomachs
guns nonexistence
no reason for violence
hand in hand
step harmonious
make world behind
closed, exhausted eyes
make the picture
hidden in a red screen
so we can
am I delusional?
no, a revolutionist
wants my dream
outside of this cage
seen the world
with finally open eyes
and have decided
these eyes have
been closed
far too long
opened by will
revolution stands
my world will come
save the children
save the forests
save the animals
save the earth
save the abused
save the hungry
save the lose
save the broken
in my hand
they sleep
exhausted eyes closed
soon they'll open
and see the real world
no longer only visible
in the red screen
bombarded by
nonexistent reality

The author's comments:
At the end of the poem section of my Creative Writing class, we had a true poem of ourselves. This is mine.

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