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Come on, just try it

January 9, 2010
By more_weight PLATINUM, Danville, Virginia
more_weight PLATINUM, Danville, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
Tread softly, for you thread on my dreams.

Remember this
My eyes are open
Your lies can't fool me
What I see tells the truth
Don't try to fool me
Those words that fly
From your hateful mouth
Try to knock me down
But my eyes see the truth
And I know that I am strong
Looking out the glass
I see what is there
The sky is blue
The grass is green
You can't change that
No matter what you say
I know what is
And what isn't
Stop lying to me
Do you think I'm stupid?
These eyes can see the truth
No matter how hard you try
To blind me
My eyes are open
And you can't stop me
From seeing the truth
I believe what I want
And love who I want
So get out of my life
Because you are wanted here
My eyes are open
And my mind is my own

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