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January 9, 2010
By more_weight PLATINUM, Danville, Virginia
more_weight PLATINUM, Danville, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
Tread softly, for you thread on my dreams.

My shoes are untied
My jacket is missing buttons
There are tears in my jeans
And rips in my shirt
My gloves are missing fingers
There are holes in my socks
My scarf is pulled to ribbons
And my hat has lost its brim

Here I stand defenseless
Soaked in your hateful rain
Watching the world go past
As I try to remain sane
My soul is cold underneath
These ragged clothes
Ruined from the wrath of life

Will you do nothing
To keep the suicidal rain away
From my starving and dying
Cold and uncovered
Naked and exposed

The author's comments:
Think as the clothes as the human body. Wouldn't you be miserable with ruined clothes? It would be even more miserable with a ruined body.

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