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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Snow, Snow!

December 22, 2009
By sheli mlupi SILVER, Park City, Utah
sheli mlupi SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Snow flakes swirl against the faded grey sheet.

All is quiet, all is calm.

Icicles shimmer like stars in the distance,

hanging from house tops,

resisting against the force of the wind.

I look out the window from my bedroom upstairs and gazed at the snow covered giants standing still... out there.

Not the slightest movement is outside,

just the white flakes hustling about and gently floating the the surface of the earth.

I wait and wait...and wait. Now the whole town is enveloped in the thick blanket of never-ending white.

As I step out into the open, endless field breathing in and breathing out, white, misty air blows out from my mouth.

The sun is shining clear and bright through the murky, surrounding clouds of the sky.

It glows on the snow,

the reflection of the sun

and makes it glitter like polished diamonds.
It doesn’t take long before another snowfall comes.
Already, the delicate flakes fall softly from the sky and rest upon my skin,
melting instantly as they come in contact with my heat...
Let it snow

Let it snow

Let it snow....



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