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Sad Beauty

January 5, 2010
By Dedegirl PLATINUM, Williamsburg, Virginia
Dedegirl PLATINUM, Williamsburg, Virginia
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Your crippled soul hides in the shadows of the trees,
Every day I walk up to you and stare,
For I stare at the sadness hidden in your eyes,
The lies coated over you,
Coated over of you like paint on a canvass,
I never get the words out that wish to say to you,
I always freeze and stare,
You are gorgeous,
Every bit of you especially you hair,
But the sadness that fills you,
The depression in your eyes,
It paralyzes me,
And everything stops,
Everything stops because of you,
I cannot think,
All I can do is blink,
I want to help you,
But I cannot,
For your sadness and your beauty stops me,
And that’s when I realize it’s all you’ve got,

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