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When Is It Time

January 5, 2010
By KellieM BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
KellieM BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"Everything happens for a reason"

When is it time…
How do you know
Will I be ready…will you

These thoughts
What to think
What to do…
Really only depends on you

whether you want to live or die
its life changing…
all in only one blink of the eye
all your troubles could disappear

be gone vanished into nothing…
therefore leaving you also
with—and as nothing

so overall it really only depends
on you—
your choices and actions
you pick to do…

all I can and have to say
is watch yourself.

You only get one chance…
one shot at life…
are you going sit back and watch it
all pass by…

I know I’m not

The author's comments:
It's the same old thing--I just took note of it for this poem.

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