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I am saved

December 20, 2009
By Ellie.M. PLATINUM, Santa Paula, California
Ellie.M. PLATINUM, Santa Paula, California
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I hear rumbles of laughter are they laughing at me. Is it me who they see? I do not know. I turn around. I should not have looked back, Hundreds of faces, staring, and smiles on their faces. What are they staring at? What did I do? Did I do something wrong? Is there something wrong with me? I turn around trying to flee. I am surrounded hundreds of thousands of people. I am trapped, stuck, like a fly in a web. No way out. I fall to my knees. I look up my hands are raised the clouds move away something bright comes down. I blink shielding my eyes with my hand. I am being lifted. Is this a dream?
To you this might seem, but I was saved the light of God came down to show me a way out when I thought I was gone, in the darkest of times, when there is no more hope, call for him he will be at your side. Now until this day I thank God for what he did to me. I feel like as if all my burdens have been lifted. I feel like a feather flying carelessly in the wind. When I need help I go to him, he tells me to stand up and feel within. I do as he says. When I go to that other place I do not know where, but I know I am safe for he is with me

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