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A Sick Twisted Game

December 16, 2009
By Noah Gottlieb SILVER, Park City, Utah
Noah Gottlieb SILVER, Park City, Utah
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A finger to pull the trigger,
a spark to light the flame.
Good people turned evil,
one persons twisted game.
Threats made in the classroom,
actions in the hallway.
Beat up in the courtyard,
no one will speak up to say.


Hatred taught by others,
maybe for their differences.
Peer pressure, making themselves feel better,
popularity all the same.
Problems at home,
feeling alone,
no reason to hurt another.
We may never understand why,
could it be a lost lover?

Joking around in the hallway,
a common misconception.
One is smiling the other one isn’t crying,
so, why do we think it’s okay.
I choose to hold it in,
while others counter with a sin,
it hurts but we do it anyway.
You may feel alone but i’ll let you know,
many other like you feel the same.

Those who choose,
to hurt or abuse,
will never be forgiven.
Other will haunt them everyday,
to make them feel the same.
We could try to exclude them,
we can try and delude them,
we try to make them feel the same.
What would that make us,
oh, what it would take us,
to participate in their sick, twisted game.

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