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My World

December 15, 2009
By BlackMoonWhiteSky PLATINUM, Cedar Park, Texas
BlackMoonWhiteSky PLATINUM, Cedar Park, Texas
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You look at me but do not see,
Your eyes meet mine but go no farther,
You think you know me but not at all,
Outside I’m one way,
Inside another,
Our worlds are opposite,
Yours is right side up,
Mine is up side down,
My smile in your world is a frown in mine,
Sometimes I’m in your world happy as can be,
Usually I’m hiding on the edge,
In my world nothing is everything and everything is nothing,
The world is the sky and the sky is the ground,
In my world it’s black and cold and silent,
But sometimes it’s red and hot as can be,
So hot it burns the flesh off your back,
My world is horrid and lonely.

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