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Keeping You Safe

November 2, 2009
By PoetAiden SILVER, Cumberland, Rhode Island
PoetAiden SILVER, Cumberland, Rhode Island
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If you were near every night I’d make sure you were safe
With soothing words I’d give you faith.
I’d lock the doors and shut the windows
I’d cover you up and hide your shadows.
I’d give you a kiss and say goodnight
I’d leave on one light so you won’t get a fright.
I’d say I love you and walk towards the door
You’d want another kiss on the lips just one more.
So I’d do it again then smile in a light
I leave your room leaving some to shine in your sight.
I come to you when you scream in your nightmare
I’d lie next to you until there’s no more fear.
Then I whisper sweet words while you lie asleep
This so for the rest of the moon you make no sound nor any peep.
In this warm summer darkness you get hot and again awake
So I open up your window slightly as my heart you take.
You smile in the moon light and hold out your hand
I hold it in this moment but still in front of you I stand.
You pull me to your bed and lift up the covers
This angel opens her eyes as we become closer as lovers.
We cuddle unclothed in this hot room filled with memories
Now on this day I for fill your wishes and turn real your fantasies.
Your breath on me in this room feels so good
Like when we were in the rain by the bus we stood.
We face each other as you give me another smile
I don’t try to get up I guess I could lay a while.
You rub your legs in between mine and giggle then we kiss
Your eyes light up so beautifully with love and bliss.
You moved in quickly in the dark and didn’t miss.
You were moaning as you moved in and out
I whispered your name as were shifting pleasurably about.
I’d call you cawala bear in such a sweet gentle tone
You’d call me teddy bear and say never leave me alone.
I want this memory to last forever never ending tonight
You’d do this thing were you nibble on my lip trying not to bite.
This distant love is a long burden to bare
I’d keep you safe if only you were here.

The author's comments:
Haha, um I wrote this a while ago and I remember the reason for which I wrote this. I wrote it because I was in love at the time and my girlfriend was far away from me for a while and this is how I endured it, by writing.

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