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Something Dear.

December 14, 2009
By elizabethr PLATINUM, Lynnville, Indiana
elizabethr PLATINUM, Lynnville, Indiana
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I told one person,
one person, that's all.
I whispered in their ear,
while tears were slipping down my cheek,
something dear to me.
It must of not been
anything of importance to them.

For, I walk down the hallway
all eyes staring back at me.
They're trying to find out if it's
true, they're digging deep into my soul.
I gasp and close my eyes
not wanting to accept that they
know, that that one person
turned into many.

How could I have known that she
would go and tell?
I never would've guessed...
but she did, oh how she told.
Their words venom, seeping into
the others mind. It won't be forgotten,
not this. How can I make
them forget?
How can I stop them from asking?
How can I take back trust?

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