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Death Island

December 12, 2009
By NicklePickle BRONZE, Providence, Rhode Island
NicklePickle BRONZE, Providence, Rhode Island
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Favorite Quote:
"People who think they're perfect just annoy people who really are perfect." -Not sure who wrote this

People swam out of the airplane as fast as they could,
Thankfully my friend who came with me got out safely to shore,
I’m certain that forty got out of the plane,
Out of two hundred passengers on the plane,
Many did not get out in time before it sunk including the pilot.

Everyone who was still alive and not hurt gathered,
Sticks, any kind of food, and leaves,
We needed to make a shelter before it got dark,
Or something bad would happen,
The island did not look very friendly.

We were in the middle of nowhere,
We decided to split up into two groups,
So no one would be wandering alone,
My friend and I were talking when suddenly,
A hissing whispered through the jungle.

My friend started screaming and so did I,
I was as freaked out as her,
I don’t like snakes at all,
When we tried to shoo it away it,
It bit my friend right in her shoulder.

As the sun went down danger was coming closer and closer,
We need to get shelter,
I didn’t have a knife with me to cut her bite open,
And suck out the venom in it,
So there I was terrified.

She was crying in pain,
Asking me to help her,
I couldn’t do anything about it,
But to just stay with her,
And cry cry cry.

Morning came quickly as everyone yawned and woke up,
As I realized my friend was gone,
I looked up to the sky,
And tried to look for her,
But couldn’t see her.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece when I was 10 for a social studies piece of homework.

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