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How did we get here?

September 4, 2009
By Shyannah SILVER, Plymouth, Wisconsin
Shyannah SILVER, Plymouth, Wisconsin
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How did we get here?
we never thought this would happen to us
we were gonna prove everyone wrong
Remember that?
I miss you so much
you're laying right next to me
It's like I'm staring at a ghost
I know you feel the same way
the love, the intimacy...
its buried in us somewhere
when we were dating..
boy do i remember that
ha, we couldnt keep our hands off of eachother
yeah, I remember that!
making sweet love on impulse,
now i don't think we can call it that
Just casual sex because we feel we have to
i dont even know you anymore
eh, I don't even know me
How did we get here?

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