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Game well played

December 17, 2009
By WhitneyLovesWriting SILVER, Milton-Freewater, Oregon
WhitneyLovesWriting SILVER, Milton-Freewater, Oregon
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She’s drowning your lies, gasping, she reaches for your hand, but you pull away, she wonders why. She’s getting tired of trying to stay afloat, She screams for your name, but her throat is filled with your filthy lies, and your name only comes out as a gurgle. You just sit there and watch, like it was meant for you entertainment, a game you loved to play was almost over. She can’t take it anymore, there’s no more strength left in her, she finally lets the current cover her head, and drag her down. When you’re done watching her, you walk away slowly, laughing.

Game Over.

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