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December 8, 2009
By Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
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I stand in the middle of the street
with people rushing by
i reach out to them
but im nothing but a figment of light
passing through the sky
i walk around some
and wonder what ive become
yesterday was the day i died
but the best day i ever lived
i heard how they all cried
i just looked at my transparent feet
and sighed
they cant see me
but i see everything thats going on
the world is spinning
and im not even there
mom got a call about the news
she sat on her bed
i stoof infront of her
but she couldnt see me
just like she never could
her tears were as dry as her heart
the pain was in there somewhere
but she showed nothing
i expected nothing
but i felt it all
dad put on a suit
and attended my burrial
people gathered around
and just for me
the clouds dropped their own tears
just as i was lowered down 6 feet
then they all went home
i remained and stared at my stone
although i was now hallow
and couldnt feel a bone
in my body
i was able to feel the pain still
after i ended it
or so i thought
so i thought
now im stuck here
to wander and wonder
for who knows how long
im stuck here
to hear them cry
and see them hurt
they dont know it
i dont get it
thats what ive become

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