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Coming Down

December 6, 2009
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It was six in the morning.
We sat on a cobblestone bridge over the quaintest of ponds.
The sun rose but we could not see it.
We could however, see the effect
upon which it had on the earth,
and though I could not feel it,
the temperature.
Anyway as we quietly absorbed the view that stained the sky
so wonderously,
I could only think of how it could all so easily be viewed as deceit.
The brilliant blue of the sky
a mere reflection of the sea covered earth,
the clouds bleeding orange and red
a mere reflection of the sun,
and of course the pond
a mere reflection of a reflection in itself.
None of it is real, I thought to myself.
The wheels within my mind continued to turn as I studied the view.
All I thought was deceit,
but all I felt was harmony.
Although the analytical and logical part of my mind could clearly see the scientific facts,
they would not sink into me.
As I gazed and pondered,
I did not feel tricked or depressed by my revelation.
Instead I thought of you and how,
like this portrait,
believe we are all connected,
all interlinked,
one to another,
each a reflection that is unique of its counterpart but made up of it nevertheless.

It was then that I felt connected to each atom and particle and fiber that existed at that moment,
a rare instance for me,
as I more often than not believe my fellow human beings to be a seperate species altogether.

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