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December 4, 2009
By LiveItUp GOLD, Congers, New York
LiveItUp GOLD, Congers, New York
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We met and things seemed perfect.
Every day better than the one before.

You said you loved me.

I was powerless to resist.
What could possibly go wrong?

Day by day, we stayed together.

I was stuck on you like glue.
There was a bond, undeniable,

Stronger than duct tape.
Who knew adhesives could be so toxic

I held on for so long.

I thought I had no choice.
You quickly became my world.
I leaned on you for everything,
While I completely lost my voice.

Fighting, yelling, disappointment, anger.

This became all we knew.
Questions consumed my thoughts,

As I wondered why I needed you.

Now that we’re over,

I can stand.

I’m alright.
Life continues,

Moving on seems possible,

And happiness is now in sight.
I know now I never needed you.

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