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Framework for Gathering Strength

December 4, 2009
By LiveItUp GOLD, Congers, New York
LiveItUp GOLD, Congers, New York
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Step 1
Things seem perfect

Every day is wonderful

You think this will last forever

You’ve found your one true love

Step 2
Trivial fights begin to get in the way of your perfection

Things that shouldn’t bother you

You struggle, but you make it through

You know that love is worth the lows

Step 3
The good and the bad now seem the same

Every day you’re forced to walk on eggshells

You begin to think you should let go

You don’t because you’re terrified of being alone

Step 4
You can’t help but question why you hang on

You don’t think you’re strong enough to do what’s right

Everything you do leads to yet another fight

You just can’t walk away

Step 5
He yells at you
He calls you horrible things

He hurts you, but swears it was an accident

He claims he loves you and didn’t mean it

Step 6
Another fight
Another accidental bruise

He swears he loves you

He promises he’ll change

Step 7
He doesn’t change

You realize he doesn’t love you

You’ve had enough

You’re fed up with this

Step 8
You muster up some courage

You march up to him

You say goodbye

You walk away

Step 9
He cries for forgiveness

You never give in

You never look back

You realize life will go on without him

You will make it through

Step 10
You’re finally awake

You accept reality

You can live without him

You have finally moved on

You are strong

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