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Good Dog

December 10, 2009
By stripperheels GOLD, Thornton, Colorado
stripperheels GOLD, Thornton, Colorado
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Everyone wants to be happy, no one wants to be in pain, but you can't have a rainbow, without a little rain.

I don't know why
You think you are better than me
You act like your a queen
And I'm the miserable little jester
Dancing on strings
Trying to keep my balance
Because if I fall
Your wrath comes down

Well I'm not
I'm not a slave
And you most certainly aren't a queen
Your no better than me
No matter how hard you try
You'll always be my equal

You act like your friends with everyone
Little laughs, faux smiles
What does it matter if everyone likes you? You just want all the attention
You act like a neglected dog
Jumping on everyone
Barking, "Me me me!"
Until they throw you a bone
And pat your head
"Good dog"

I don't think you know who you are yet
You want to be who everyone else wants you to be
Not you
Not the real you
Why do you care what everyone thinks of you?
I guess I just don't understand your reasoning

I know who I am
Nice or not, I am me
So while your busy being something your not
I'll be living my life, without plastic little girls
Guess you better find a new jester


Good Dog

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