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The Light in the abyss of total darkness...

December 2, 2009
By DestroyedTaylor. GOLD, Campbell, California
DestroyedTaylor. GOLD, Campbell, California
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I saw a light in a distance…

Flickering in the shadows of total darkness…

I feel happy when I felt her warmth getting closer towards me

I watched her while she dance in the darkness with beauty and grace

I felt the joy of her presence next to mine

While I flew around her

Like she was my world

My only world…

She gazed at me with a gentle smile in a distance

I made my way towards her

Hoping to feel the warmth of her hand

The first dance with the light in the total darkness

But in the moment I got to close

My whole body shivered

As if my heart is about to burst

I touched the tips of her fingers…

I lost my wings…..

I fell to the abyss of total darkness

Yet I was happy

I heard her say


Why me?

Why did you let me send you to the darkness?

I gazed at her while I fell to the darkness

With a gentle smile on my face

As she dance in the distance

She became smaller and smaller

While the darkness devour me

Her words echoed in my head

Like a ghost that hunt me on an infinite phase


Why me?

I don't know what to say

I don't know the answers

But I was glad and I felt happy

I feel like her warmth is inside me

I feel like I can fly even without wings

I feel like I was home

Everything was taken from me

Yet I feel a satisfaction that will last forever

There is only two things that is left on me

The desire to feel her warmth again…

And the question in my head


Why me?

While I was falling

I thought about these gentle words


Why me?

I tried so hard to figure out the answer

Yet I can't find anything

And for some reason I had thought

Does her question really have an answer?

Because if her question had an answer…

Would I dare to get closed to her?

Knowing that I will fall to this abyss of total darkness

I guess my answer is a complete mystery

Even for me…

For she was the only light

On this abyss of total darkness

That had captured my eyes...

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