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never love again

December 1, 2009
By lover-of-nothing GOLD, Dixon, Illinois
lover-of-nothing GOLD, Dixon, Illinois
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you dont kno what you have till it gone

love is a pitiful word,
in my life.
when you mention it,
my heart breaks,
don't know how long this
heart ach will take,
but love brings pain,
sometimes brings shame,
it splits a person in half.
obviously it could never
make you laugh,
only cry,
it's a lie,
that burns the insides.
of the heart,
I hate the word love,
because of it I am a beaten up
I shed tears of pitiful pain,
so Liam.
I have eternal bleeding,
Going on the inside of my
Broken down heart..
will this pain go on for eternity?
I shall never love again

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